April Is A Great Time To Visit The Mount Airy Casino And Resort PA

mount airy casino and resort pa

April Is A Great Time To Visit The Mount Airy Casino And Resort PA

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the Mount Airy Casino and Resort PA each year, the best time to go is during April. One reason for this is because the peak months are winter and spring and winter is the best time to avoid bad weather. It’s also a great time to see that much of the town is open for business.

April is also great for visiting because the spring brings an increased number of the locals heading to the town for the month of March. The town isn’t at its busiest but, the local merchants need a steady stream of customers to their shops and coffee shops. In addition, this is the time when the Mount Airy Casino and Resort PA get ready to open its doors for the season. They want to show off their new shops and restaurants.

Don’t expect to see all of the shops and restaurants open though, there may be a few that are still being put together and may be a bit overstocked. There will also be many attractions that will be off limits during this period. Some of the places that are open during this period include but aren’t limited to, the (Royal) High School for Girls, Looney Tunes theater, Chippenham Town Hall, Stillwater Mural, as well as the train station.

Those that want to see the town during this time should plan their trip accordingly. While the beaches are not usually crowded during this time, they can get pretty crowded, especially during the high summer months when the town hosts its annual Fourth of July Festival. Another concern is the fact that the PA’s municipal services tend to be lower than they normally are during the off season.

Once the snow days have passed and spring has come to town, it will be time to head back to work. You will find that you have less issues when you return home from the trip. Additionally, the spring months are the most desirable times to visit because people begin their shopping and vacationing habits, hoping for the best weather.

April is also when the Eastern Shore county Fair begins and continues throughout the month of May. There will be multiple carnivals, including the Fourth of July Parade, which travels through downtown. There will also be much activity at the other local fairs and events throughout the month of May.

One thing that would-be vacationers might want to remember is that travel time is around two hours. This is because the casinos are located in Pennsylvania and traveling on the train would be too costly. If you’re planning on driving into the area, you will want to leave at least one day prior to the scheduled trip and be prepared to wait at least two hours for the train.

Remember that accommodations can be booked up to a year in advance if you’re interested in this option. These can vary from inexpensive to quite pricey and you’ll want to be sure that you choose the right one. The Mount Airy Casino and Resort PA offer both five star hotels and room only rentals.