Fun Events Offered at Mount Airy Casino Resort Events

mount airy casino resort events

Fun Events Offered at Mount Airy Casino Resort Events

One of the main attractions of Mount Airy Casino Resort Events is that it offers a variety of unique experiences for all ages. All sorts of guests enjoy the playful themes and entertaining activities such as inflatable bounce houses, hay rides, petting zoos, shows, and much more. Guests of all ages can enjoy the fun in these events, whether they’re looking for a fun family outing or a romantic getaway.

An incredible ride and an interactive game are two of the most popular theme park experience at the resort. The indoor and outdoor Adventure Park offers exciting shows such as rock band Neon Zoo and a Dora the Explorer program that lead guests through a fun adventure. Guests will also enjoy the backstretch show that takes guests on a walk through their hotel. Hiring a group on a party bus from the event center will ensure that every guest has the experience of a lifetime!

The spectacular indoor hot tub is available for rental during any day or night of the week. The spa’s signature scented waters include vanilla, lavender, and lemon, and guests will find that the experience has something for everyone. At night, the hot tub fills with bubbles and lights and glows as the “music” you hear is the sounds of the people enjoying the inside of the hot tub. Great for mingling with the other guests, the hot tub is not to be missed.

Mount Airy’s gift shop is one of the biggest shops in the region, and the store offers plenty of interesting items to take home. Items include decorative pillows, bath towels, picture frames, candy and much more. The gift shop is open seven days a week, so there is always a great selection of unique items for everyone on your list. Whether your gift recipient likes to relax, watch movies, or engage in games, the store has a great selection for them.

In addition to shopping at the Mount Airy Gift Shop, guests can stop by the postcard shop to browse through beautiful images of all sorts. From holiday greeting cards to holiday decorations, the shop offers a vast selection of things to hang up and take home. You will also find a great selection of uniquely designed postcards that can be sent out on a holiday, housewarming, or just because.

Spa treatments are great places to give thanks and relax. Guests can stop by the spa for treatments ranging from simple skin cleanses to exotic facials and massages. For those looking for an intimate massage, the Mount Airy Hotel also offers private sessions. On weekdays, the spa has a full schedule of massage treatments and as the seasons change, the spa can be booked to cater to specific needs.

An all-inclusive deal can be found at the Mount Airy Casino Resort Events. All-inclusive package prices include entertainment, access to spa, petting zoo, bounce house, and more. The amusements and activities are extremely popular, and guests who have attended events know that the location is always busy. Looking for a way to avoid the crowds and still experience some fun and excitement?

Mount Airy is definitely a great place to enjoy yourself while you’re in the D.C. area. Finding an all-inclusive resort rate or group rates is easy, but remember that the type of activity you want to participate in will determine the rates. Mount Airy Casino Resort Events offers all sorts of entertainment and activities for your enjoyment, and all of the games and decorations you’ll need to make sure you have a great time.