Mount Airy Resort and Casino – Luau Ball

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Mount Airy Resort and Casino – Luau Ball

For the last five decades, Mount Airy Resort and Casino have enjoyed one of the most eclectic collections of guests. The live entertainment, friendly people, and wide variety of options have made this destination a great spot for any occasion. With special events like the Luau Ball, the resort can keep you busy and entertained all day long.

Luaus are fun for everyone at Mount Airy Resort and Casino in Pocono Mountain, Pennsylvania. From intimate celebrations to large gatherings, there is something for everyone at the resort. It is easy to see why everyone who visits the resort likes it so much. The drinks at the Luau Ball will make your next party extra special.

The Luau Ball is open to all members of the public. There is no ticket required, just a little bit of time to show up and make your reservation. The Luau Ball includes dinner, dancing, and a themed dance party for teens.

When: The Luau Ball is a night-long affair that begins at midnight on Friday and ends at midnight on Sunday. The minimum age for dancing is 18 years old. That is a minimum age for dancing, but there are many older guests who will have no problem attending. Other than that, the Luau Ball is open to everyone.

When: Luau Ball is every Friday and Saturday night through October. The times of the dances may change from time to time. There is always an open bar with the evening’s cocktails, as well as live music playing from a DJ. Because the Luau Ball is a fundraiser for Mount Airy Resort and Casino, alcohol is not allowed at the Luau Ball. Guests are encouraged to enjoy their cocktails and listen to live music, rather than drink themselves silly at the Luau Ball.

What: Dress up in your best, don’t forget your dancing shoes, big blue beads, leis, and Hawaiian shirts. Then enjoy yourself at the exotic fusions of exotic food, delicious drinks, fun games, and fabulous dancing. The evening’s festivities begin at midnight and continue until two in the morning, when everyone should be ready to “wax on and wax off.”

When: The Luau Ball is a fun evening that run every Friday and Saturday night through October, and all day Sunday for non-members. A small fee will be charged per person to attend. The Luau Ball is open to anyone, whether or not they have already been members of Mount Airy Resort and Casino.

Everyone should enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pocono Mountains. Some people prefer to party on their own schedule, but a hotel and casino offer a great way to enjoy a destination, and get the party started early.